About Me

I am currently working in the biotechnology arena developing software for data management, simulations, and research. I have had the opportunity to create some custom visualization/animation software to help communicate research results, and I also pitch in and do some light system administration for both Windows and Linux systems.

Previously, I worked as an enterprise Java developer building modern case record management systems for state and local courts. In general, the tasks I performed included developing overall solution architectures, designing subsystems, and solving tough technical challenges that pose risk to projects.

My current interests lean toward massively parallel and distributed computing as well as data analysis and visualization. I have developed a few OpenCL (urbanization simulation) and CUDA (simple LOESS implementation, Bayesian-based noise detection) software systems.

My formal education includes a B.S. in Computer Systems Engineering and a Certificate of Cartography and GIS.  I have completed recent courses in Biology and Chemistry to refresh my knowledge of the fundamentals of those disciplines. I am currently enrolled at Hood College working towards a MS in Computer Science.

In the past I have had the opportunity to work on GIS projects, primarily involving ESRI technologies such as ArcIMS and ArcSDE. My ArcSDE experience includes data loading and management, as well as use of the ArcSDE Java API for providing spatial capabilities to applications.

Most of my independent consulting has used Python, in particular developing data driven web applications using Turbogears and MySQL.  I have performed work creating SQL stored procedures and schemas for statistical sampling in MySQL.

The best way to contact me is to email devjason_AT_gmail.com

Code, Statistics, Data Visualization