• Asia Minor
Asia Minor

This map was created for an assignment in my Map Design class. The purpose of the assignment was to not only work with a map specification, but also have the further constraint of having the map be produced in black and white.


This map was originally created for an assignment in a Map Design class. I have since reworked it by updating the place names and removing some other features such as roads which cluttered the map. In addition, I have draped an elevation color ramp over a shaded relief using GTOPO30 elevation data.

LIDAR Building Extraction

These maps were created for a GIS course. I built a reusable ArcGIS Model which uses user supplied area and elevation thresholds and then extracts buildings from the model and makes them available to ArcScene. Because of the simplistic nature of defining the extraction parameters, incorrect areas such as dense tree stands are sometimes classified as buildings. In addition, the elevations of the extracted buildings are averaged instead of showing the true roof structure and shape.

Image Interpretation

This map was created as a project for an Image Interpretation class. Digital orthophotography was used to identify and extract human institutions for particular area of Rockville, MD.


This map was created to address determining whether a real, valid location exists based on distances given from signposts. It was created as the first assignment in a Map Design class.

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